The GABFOL Lounge makes life really easy for you !

As we have our private discussion areas and a closed board room, you no longer need to go to a crowded or noisy restaurant or café to plan and prepare your next meeting. You and your business associates can now meet in The GABFOL Lounge and have that essential discussion with data support equipment; make that all-important conference call; or simply brainstorm on how to get that all-important contract signed, all in the comfort of The GABFOL Lounge!

How is that for convenience and practicality !

For the discerning business traveller, we have discussion rooms that allow you to first, get the business out of the way, and then get down to the finer things in life. In these discussion rooms, you have access to LCD screens that can assist you in preparing that all important business presentation, in clear HD quality! The lounge operates on a broadband WI-FI internet scheme, so all your communications needs will be taken cared of! How is that for making life easier for you!



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