Gabfol lounge…connecting West Africans through their journey


The Gabfol lounge was established in 2007 by Adeagbo Foluso and began full operations at the International airport of Lagos in 2010. Since then, Gabfol lounge has expanded its activities in Nigeria with lounges at the local airport in Lagos and now also, at the International airport in Abuja. Gabfol lounge has the best facilities in the Nigerian airports and can be seen as a haven for customers.


Gabfol lounge is more than a lounge. The international airport of Lagos can be seen as a complex and untransparent airport of which facilities are not functioning optimally. The Gabfol lounge is playing an important role in enhancing this image by providing a haven of quality and relaxation towards outgoing travelers. We consider Gabfol lounge the last impression people are getting from Nigeria before departure and hence we provide top services, the African culture and facilities to the people to keep the image of the largest economy of West Africa high to all travelers.


  • Airport lounge

    The Gabfol lounges is a haven of rest and relaxation within the International Airport of Lagos. With outstanding lounge services and bespoke food and beverages, we put you at ease before you start your journey.

    You can just relax, get on the internet through one of our laptops or use the wifi services, relax and watch some television or have a smoke in our smoking lounge
    We make sure you have a relaxed mind to start your journey.

  • Restaurant

    The restaurant with its international chefs and own pastry chef has the finest food available and a wide selection of fresh products prepared for you as you order.

  • Protocol Services

    Our protocol services include:

  • VIP Meeting Point

    The Gabfol lounge hosts all VIP customers coming through the international airport and has built a strong reputation on this. The lounge is a meeting point of VIP guest who are served to their desires and needs. This comes as no surprise as the Gabfol lounge offers the finest services in the airport and has highly trained staff ready & able to accommodate our VIP customers perfectly.

  • Cultural Hub & Investment Coordination Center for Africa

    Please contact us for further information on the services offered.

Gabfol lounge offer a haven of relaxation and de-stress to bring you in the right state of mind for your travels.

Gabfol lounge differentiates itself from other lounges through:

— A personal approach and extended services to our clientele

— Well trained staff and services

— A classy and relaxing environment with different areas to accompany your mindset if you want to rest, work or relax

— Restaurant services and top quality food

— Promoting the African culture

Gabfol lounge aims to become the lounge of preference to final destination for all West African customers.

For this reason, we aim to set up airport lounges in:
— Major transfer hubs for West African travelers (Being Dubai, London and Doha)
— The main West African economic hotspots (Ivory Coast)

This place is tucked away from the airport crowds and the food was delicious! And very prompt and kind service. I really like!


Delicious food, nice atmosphere and both friendly and competent service – just perfect. I'll definitely come back.


Stopped over here on a trip to Lagos. Came well recommended and lived up to its ratings. Great service by the way.


The lounge was excellent and the service is the best i've experience in Abuja so far. I'll definitely stop over on my trip.


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